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We work across the digital health commercialisation pathway from ideation through to international commercialisation.
Our programs are:
Designed solely for digital health technology companies
Tailored to the interests and stage of development of registered participants
Delivered by industry leaders with proven background in the international digital health sector
Specific to the challenges of each stage of the digital health commercialisation pathway
For digital health companies who are ready to commercialise, seek investors and expand into new markets.
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For digital health companies to address common pitfalls and knowledge gaps that exist for digital health companies.
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BRIGHT: Innovate
For digital health companies with a proof of concept they want to develop within a proven innovation framework.
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Office Hours
For digital health companies to meet ANDHealth to discuss queries, concerns and connections.
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ELEVATE: Coaching Program
Skill-specific coaching from ANDHealth's exclusive digital health expert network
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BRIGHT: Ideate
For early-stage digital health innovators who have an idea or early prototype that can improve healthcare.
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If you are unsure which program you are best suited for, please contact our Programs team below.
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