BRIGHT Digital Health Programs
The BRIGHT workshop is a fast-moving, interactive workshop designed to equip founders with practical skills, a proven framework and powerful real-world insights into the innovation and commercialisation process.

The workshop supports innovators to examine their current approach to innovation before providing them with tools and techniques to break conventions and become a more powerful innovator and leader.
By marrying ANDHealth’s network of digital health expertise with Planet Innovation’s proven BRIGHT Process framework, this program provides tailored advice and thinking models to address challenges specific to digital health companies in order to reach successful commercialisation. The workshop is led by world-class facilitators and includes expert guest speakers who have successfully built market-leading products and businesses into commercial success stories around the globe.
Designed for digital health companies with a business proof of concept they want to develop within a proven innovation framework, BRIGHT Innovate supports innovators to hear from and work with national and international industry leaders across a diverse range of topics to establish detailed feasibility plans. Be one of a small group of companies that receive small group coaching, including tailored advice to each specific company and its challenges, from a team of industry experts.

In BRIGHT Ideate, alongside the BRIGHT process, expert guest speakers address topics such as user-centred design, voice of user/customer, claims and assumptions, regulatory pathways, intellectual property, business models, the human side of start-ups, evidence-gathering, customer relationships and investment.

• Learn the importance of gathering real-world customer insights in digital health – and how to get it.
• Develop powerful problem-solving skills using the BRIGHT process to navigate common start-up challenges.
• Network with and discuss key challenges with global digital health industry leaders.
• Articulate your value proposition to customers, users and investors.
Program Partners
BRIGHT is delivered across Australia in collaboration with Planet Innovation and with support from our program partners.

Nationally: As part of the MTPConnect REDI Program

Western Australia: as part of the Western Australian Digital Health Accelerator, funded by an X-TEND WA grant from the New Industries Fund managed by the WA Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, and supported by Telethon Kids Institute

Victoria: Supported by LaunchVic

New South Wales: presented by MDCTP and supported by NSW Health and Cicada Innovations

ANDHealth works with Program Partners across all States and Territories to secure funding for our programs across the country. If you’d like to partner with us to deliver a BRIGHT program for your organisation or a series of programs within your State, please contact our Business Growth team.
Planet Innovation’s BRIGHT Process
Planet Innovation’s BRIGHT framework has twice been voted Australia’s Best Innovation Program by the Australian Financial Review and is the backbone of both the BRIGHT Ideate and Innovate programs, supplemented by proven digital health experts from ANDHealth’s network.
The application must:

• Have a business concept they want to develop within a proven framework, establishing feasibility and seeking practical skills and insights to prepare for achieving success.

• Technologies must fall within the FDA definition of Digital Health

Innovation/business level:

• A business concept or proof of concept

Who can apply:

• Entrepreneurs and Innovators wanting to navigate the commercalisation journey in digital health.
After submitting my application to BRIGHT, when can I expect to be contacted?
We review our applications on a rolling basis in collaboration with our partners and attempt to contact companies as quickly as possible. However, we are a small team so please bear with us if it takes a little bit of time.
What is the difference between BRIGHT-1 Day and BRIGHT 3-Day?
Read more about which BRIGHT program is right for you in our post here
I’d like to speak about my company or idea with someone from ANDHealth. Who can I speak to?
If you are unsure if you’re eligible for the program, feel free to contact our program team below. Alternatively we encourage you to book an office hours meeting here and will be in contact with an outcome or to set up a meeting to better understand your product.
Do I have to commit to all days of the program? OR What are the participation requirements?
We strongly encouraged to full participation in each workshop. The BRIGHT programs will build on each day’s learnings throughout the program – while we are less stringent in the virtual delivery of the program for full attendance, we do require a commitment to day one of the BRIGHT framework content. If you need to miss a session in day two or three, please let the program manager know and she will organise accordingly.
Digital health companies require specialist support to commercialise. The type of support ANDHealth provides is vital to the early stages of digital health companies to allow them to accelerate their growth. Personify Care is growing rapidly, headquartered in SA, exporting internationally, currently hiring 3 new full-time roles and will expand our team further this financial year; we need to support emerging digital health companies to expand this sector and create digital health jobs from companies headquartered in SA.
Ken Saman
CEO Personify Care
Digital health is an emerging and exponentially growing sector of the health ecosystem. As such, clinicians and entrepreneurs require specialised support to navigate uncharted waters of regulation and evidence-based medicine. It is essential to the growth of the digital health sector in South Australia that we provide this specific support to digital health companies here. I have observed ANDHealth's operations in other states over the last few years and applaud their commitment and the quality of the expertise that they put around the digital health companies that they support. This is resulting in not only health innovation but strong commercial outcomes from the companies they have supported.
Peter Bradley
VP Global Business Development, LBT Innovations
I am very supportive of the work ANDHealth is doing which is unique in the health sector in Australia. Their programs provide invaluable support and advice to people looking to develop, invest and grow in the healthcare IT industry through offering access to business and commercialisation support, deep knowledge of the sector and much needed support to new entrants. I would have welcomed access to these skills as we developed from early stage to full commercialisation.
Kate Quirke
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC)
From my perspective as an Advisor to numerous Digital Health organizations, ANDHealth really stands out as a visionary organization with unique leadership that understands the need to target real problems in healthcare and address them with innovation and transformation that are grounded in economic sustainability and successful long-term outcomes.
Aenor J. Sawyer, MD
Chief Medical Officer, NASA, Translational Research Institute for Space Health
“ANDHealth is a key regional organisation for digital health companies in the Australiasia region. Through our involvement with ANDHealth we have made key a range of key international and local connections. We have networked with, shared, and learnt from the ANDHealth community in a collaborative and progressive environment.”
Garth Sutherland
Founder, Adherium Limited
In a relatively short period of time, ANDHealth has made a positive impact and delivered measurable benefits to the digital health and broader biotechnology sectors.
Dr Chris Nave
Managing Director, Brandon Capital Partners
I think the organisation’s proactive attitude, collaborative nature, strategic connections, and expertise are highly beneficial to the growing digital health community; and am delighted to be able to add my name to the list of those supporting ANDHealth’s activities in the future to build expertise in digital health commercialisation with a view to contributing to the nation’s economic prosperity.
Anton van den Hengel
Director, Australian Institute for Machine Learning, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide
Australia’s digital health sector will experience significant growth over the coming decades. ANDHealth has played and will continue to play a vital role in the development and growth of this sector in Australia, which will be a significant opportunity for STEM job creation and economic growth in the country. I would love to continue supporting ANDHealth in anyway that I can to promote the sector in Australia.
Jarred Shein
Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific, Qure Ventures
We acknowledge the positive impact that ANDHealth has had on the sector and look favourably on their pursuit of public and private funding to support future operations. I believe ANDHealth has delivered great value to the sector and we believe the dedication solely to digital health and informed by industry leaders with proven backgrounds and the national and international networking opportunities in digital health commercialisation through members, partners and networks are of particularly great value.
Dr Rob Grenfell
Director, CSIRO Health and Biosecurity

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