Every hero has a story to tell, and their stories deserve to be heard. Introducing the Frank and Fearless podcast by ANDHealth, where we’ll be inviting brilliant individuals who are pushing the boundaries of science, health, and innovation to join us for a chat, so that we can learn more about their inspiring journeys – both personal and professional.
The Frank & Fearless Podcast by ANDHealth is a proud member of the Talking HealthTech Podcast Network - the premier audio destination for cutting-edge insights and thought leadership in healthcare delivery, innovation, digital health, healthcare ICT, and commercialisation.
Episode 1 with Dr Amanda Caples
In this first episode of the Frank and Fearless Podcast by ANDHealth, Bronwyn Le Grice speaks with Dr Amanda Caples, Victoria’s Lead Scientist about her remarkable journey and career, pushing the boundaries of science, health, and innovation. Amanda shares her passion for vaccine research, her experience in a quality control lab, and the influence of her father, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

They discuss Amanda’s approach to work, her dedication to getting things right, and the changes she has witnessed in the industry throughout her career. They also explore the importance of collaboration with industry associations and major players in the space, as well as the need for credible voices and clear objectives in influencing government policy. 

The conversation touches on the establishment of Breakthrough Victoria as the next generation of the SDI program, and how Amanda passionately disagrees with the notion that Australia is not great at commercialisation, highlighting the impact of flagship programs on patients. They also address the challenges and opportunities for young female leaders in the science field. 

Throughout the episode, Bronwyn and Amanda reflect on their own experiences and the importance of effective communication, adapting to different communication styles, and engaging with industry and academia for better collaboration and outcomes. 

This episode was recorded live at the Victorian Connected Health Innovation and Commercialisation Centre (CHICC). CHICC is supported by the Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry, and Regions and the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre as a connection and collaboration space for the Victorian connected health community. 

Episode 2 with Dr Kath Giles
In this session, we are honoured to have Dr Kath Giles, the Managing Director and CEO of OncoRes Medical, as our guest. Kath is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her career to pushing the boundaries of science, health, and innovation.

Kath grew up in South Africa and later moved to Australia with her parents, where she developed a deep appreciation for the opportunities and natural beauty of Perth. Initially studying medicine, she realised it wasn't the right path for her and pursued an MBA to explore new horizons.

Throughout her career, Kath has worn many hats, including venture capitalist, medical doctor, and now a leading figure in the commercial world. She co-founded Infinity Sports and Dr K's Breast Checker, aiming to improve athlete tracking and breast self-examination, respectively. While these ventures faced challenges, they showcased Kath’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

One of Kath’s notable achievements was her advocacy for the Microscope in a Needle technology, which later became OncoRes. Believing in its potential to improve patient outcomes, she convinced the Brandon Capital team to invest in it for three years. This groundbreaking technology earned recognition, winning the MedTech Innovator Program Value Award in 2019 and participating in global competitions such as Pitch at the Palace in London.

Kath is also a firm believer in the power of teamwork and support, expressing gratitude for the opportunities she has had with Stone Ridge, Brandon, OncoRes, and being a female entrepreneur in Western Australia.

Tune in to this episode to hear Dr. Kath Giles' captivating story, her journey from medicine to entrepreneurship, and her efforts to improve the accuracy of breast cancer surgery with OncoRes Medical.

One of the key benefits of the ANDHealth+ program was that it was tailored to the needs of Vitalic Medical including our advisory panel. The advisory panel provided ongoing objective guidance on our business throughout the program helping to ensure we were focused in the right areas and on the right activities.
Sue Dafnias
CEO, Vitalic
The major difference I noted was the personalised nature to which the ANDHealth program is built. This ensured that we were not forced through standardised programs, expected to follow pre-ordained paths or work with professional generalists.
Charles Cornish
Executive Vice President, DoseMeRx (acquired by US-based Tabula Rasa HealthCare for up to AUD $40 million)
Digital health is an industry that often falls through the gaps between traditional software companies and biotech and the implications of this include lack of investor understanding, lack of commercialisation support and lack of industry expertise. ANDHealth goes a long way to solving these challenges by connecting digital health companies with leading stakeholders across all these groups and working to facilitate common understanding on how to work together.
Scott Taylor
CEO and Co-Founder, Perx Health
We have been part of numerous innovation communities including corporate incubators and VC-backed tech-accelerators. However, only ANDHealth+ has the deep expertise and commercial partnerships to truly understand a health-tech business and the unique hurdles they face to commercialise and find their path to market. Further, ANDHealth+ can be a trusted advisor with a clear mandate to help your business without competing interests.
Hugo Rourke
Co-Founder, Perx Health
ANDHealth provided Atmo with valuable digital health expertise and advice at a critical early-stage in the venture, which ultimately improved our ability to raise seed funding.
Malcom Hebblewhite
CEO, Atmo Biosciences
The ANDHealth team found the people and support we needed at the time we needed it. More than an accelerator, ANDHealth became an ongoing extension of my inner circle - a circle that helped me obtain a successful exit to a NASDAQ listed digital healthcare company.
Charles Cornish
Executive Vice President, DoseMeRx (acquired by US-based Tabula Rasa HealthCare for up to AUD $40 million)
The ANDHealth+ program was different to any other incubator and support we had received in the past. It was specific to the industry we were operating in - one that is particularly difficult to commercialise successfully in Australia - and our panel were experts. Blunt and honest in their feedback, they forced us to rethink our entire business model and value proposition.
Pete Saunders
Director, Health Delivered
The collective experience and resources brought by the program have enabled us to achieve pivotal milestones in commercialisation and clinical evidence generation and, as such, has enabled us to begin our global distribution, none of which would have been possible without our participation in the ANDHealth+ program.
Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh
Co-Founder and President, CancerAid

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