ELEVATE Program Overview
Our ELEVATE Expert Coaching Program provides eligible companies with access to an international network of pre-vetted coaches to provide one-hour expert coaching sessions on areas of specific need. Participant companies can access needs-based, skill-specific coaches from around the world covering topics such as business models, reimbursement, regulatory strategy, scale up manufacturing, clinical trials, working with pharma, UX/UI design in health, voice of customer and voice of user, clinical trials, licensing and capital raising and others.
Why Participate
Unique global expert network: ANDHealth’s coaches are screened to be experienced in their specific topic within digital health to best address your queries and provide advice based on their real world experience

Strategic cost-free advice: Coaches volunteer their time and provide strategic advice to selected companies to help with their business challenges.

Curated individual coaching: Each selected company is coached 1-on-1, once off, based on the company’s specific needs to get your specific questions answered by an expert. Coaches and companies are matched based on needs and expertise.

Unbiased advice: Coaches give frank, independent advice in a trust-based environment.
High potential growth digital health companies.

NOTE: The ELEVATE Program is currently only funded for Western Australian companies with support from our key program partners the Telethon Kids Institute, supported by the Western Australian State Government’s New Industries Fund.

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