Masterclass: ACCELERATE Overview
ANDHealth’s Masterclass: ACCELERATE Program is the only intensive accelerator program designed specifically for companies seeking to commercialise evidence-based digital health products. It is globally unique and engages with international industry leaders in a private, participant only forum.

The interactive program features:
• Workshop-style learning groups
• Real-world case studies
• Advanced business concepts and strategies
• Expert guest speakers
• Networking opportunities

Masterclass 2022 runs across three weeks in July
Week 1: Thursday 14 – Friday 15
Week 2: Thursday 21 – Friday 22
Week 3: Thursday 28 – Friday 29
Note: Please block out these dates in your calendar upon application, as they are firm and cannot be rescheduled if your availability changes.
The Masterclass features more than 50 expert speakers drawn from industry with proven backgrounds, who can provide you with commercialisation-focused real-world advice, quality feedback, and actionable answers, and the ability to ask questions specific to your company. Previous speakers have included CEO’s of the world’s most successful digital therapeutics companies, large US Payers, US corporate and institutional investors, Australian venture capital directors, leading lawyers, governance experts and proven entrepreneurs and advisors.
The Participants
Masterclass spaces are limited. Our intensive workshop style and industry-led delivery means that we can only accept 30 registrations per intake. We welcome applications from across Australia, from digital health entrepreneurs, industry professionals, service providers, clinicians, investors and companies. If you are actively involved in digital health commercialisation in any way, please do apply.
ANDHealth+ Access
Masterclass is the best possible preparation you can take if you plan to apply for our flagship ANDHealth+ program. ANDHealth+ cohort companies have achieved significant outcomes. If you would like to join them in ANDHealth+ 2022, please be aware that applications are highly competitive and preference will be given to companies that have completed programs that enabled them to address common pitfalls, unique challenges and knowledge gaps in commercialising digital health.
The Masterclass Curriculum
Masterclass spaces are limited. Our intensive workshop style and industry-led delivery means that we can only accept a limited number of registrations. Applications are welcomed from digital health entrepreneurs, industry professionals, technology transfer executives, service providers, clinicians and investors across Australia. If you are actively involved in digital health commercialisation in any way, please apply.

The Masterclass is designed for digital health companies which:

• Have achieved proof of principle and are evidence-based with a clear focus on changing outcomes for patients;
• Have some voice of user and/or customer feedback;
• Are looking to strengthen their clinical and commercial business case; and
• Meet the FDA definition of digital health

For other applicants, you are an:
• An investor, advisor or technology transfer/commercialisation professional in the digital health sector, or;
• An industry professional, consultant, or service provider that actively works with digital health companies, or;
• An academic or policy leader in digital health/health tech/health innovation.
When can I expect to hear an outcome on my application for the program?
Applications stay open for 6 weeks in which we review and accept the applications on a rolling basis in correlation with our partners.
Can I apply from all over Australia?
We welcome applications from across Australia. If you are actively involved in digital health commercialisation in any way, please do apply.
Will I receive feedback about our application if I am unsuccessful?
Yes. We make every effort to provide each unsuccessful applicant with feedback about their application. Feedback may come in the form of a follow-up phone call or email.
Program prices depend on the level of engagement and support from selected Program Partners and will be made available when registrations open.
Successful applicants will be selected based on their suitability for the program and to ensure participants benefit from robust dialogue in a multidisciplinary group.

Registrations for Masterclass 2022 are now open. If you’d like to chat to an expert member of the ANDHealth team about your idea, technology or company please contact ANDHealth to arrange and Office Hours consultation.
One of the key benefits of the ANDHealth+ program was that it was tailored to the needs of Vitalic Medical including our advisory panel. The advisory panel provided ongoing objective guidance on our business throughout the program helping to ensure we were focused in the right areas and on the right activities.
Sue Dafnias
CEO, Vitalic
The major difference I noted was the personalised nature to which the ANDHealth program is built. This ensured that we were not forced through standardised programs, expected to follow pre-ordained paths or work with professional generalists.
Charles Cornish
Executive Vice President, DoseMeRx (acquired by US-based Tabula Rasa HealthCare for up to AUD $40 million)
Digital health is an industry that often falls through the gaps between traditional software companies and biotech and the implications of this include lack of investor understanding, lack of commercialisation support and lack of industry expertise. ANDHealth goes a long way to solving these challenges by connecting digital health companies with leading stakeholders across all these groups and working to facilitate common understanding on how to work together.
Scott Taylor
CEO and Co-Founder, Perx Health
We have been part of numerous innovation communities including corporate incubators and VC-backed tech-accelerators. However, only ANDHealth+ has the deep expertise and commercial partnerships to truly understand a health-tech business and the unique hurdles they face to commercialise and find their path to market. Further, ANDHealth+ can be a trusted advisor with a clear mandate to help your business without competing interests.
Hugo Rourke
Co-Founder, Perx Health
ANDHealth provided Atmo with valuable digital health expertise and advice at a critical early-stage in the venture, which ultimately improved our ability to raise seed funding.
Malcom Hebblewhite
CEO, Atmo Biosciences
The ANDHealth team found the people and support we needed at the time we needed it. More than an accelerator, ANDHealth became an ongoing extension of my inner circle - a circle that helped me obtain a successful exit to a NASDAQ listed digital healthcare company.
Charles Cornish
Executive Vice President, DoseMeRx (acquired by US-based Tabula Rasa HealthCare for up to AUD $40 million)
The ANDHealth+ program was different to any other incubator and support we had received in the past. It was specific to the industry we were operating in - one that is particularly difficult to commercialise successfully in Australia - and our panel were experts. Blunt and honest in their feedback, they forced us to rethink our entire business model and value proposition.
Pete Saunders
Director, Health Delivered
The collective experience and resources brought by the program have enabled us to achieve pivotal milestones in commercialisation and clinical evidence generation and, as such, has enabled us to begin our global distribution, none of which would have been possible without our participation in the ANDHealth+ program.
Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh
Co-Founder and President, CancerAid

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