The WA State Budget handed down last week includes large investments in health and mental health, with a further $3.2b to boost the capacity of Western Australian hospitals, invest in more nurses and doctors, and improve access to quality care.

This comes off the back of a $3.2b budget surplus overall, driven by higher than anticipated mining royalties.

In positive news for entrepreneurs, reports that the budget includes “additional technology and innovation spending, including $15.3 million to establish a new Perth Health Innovation Hub.” They note the Hub will receive the bulk of its funding this financial year and is funded to 2026-27. The new Hub is listed as a separate budget item to the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub run by MTPConnect and the Royal Perth Hospital Innovation Hub known as Synapse.

Of relevance the broader startup sector, the WA Government will also spend $53m to establish a Founders Factory accelerator in WA to support entrepreneurs and start-ups. The accelerator was previously announced in April and will reportedly focus on areas including reforestation and protection, land management, regenerative agriculture, water and coastal regions, sustainable infrastructure, and the circular economy.

The new funds will also be used to continue STEM initiatives, support growth in the State’s space industry and for new exhibits at Scitech.

To ease the cost-of-living strain, households and 90,000 small businesses will be eligible for a $400 electricity credit, however, there is unfortunately no payroll tax relief for small businesses, which had been called for by some industry groups.

Key Takeaways

• $1.2 billion for public hospital services.

• $15.3 million to establish a new Perth Health Innovation Hub, as reported by InnovationAus.

• $53 million to establish a Founders Factory accelerator for entrepreneurs and start-ups to commercialise new technologies and support other STEM initiatives.

• $405 million for health services in the regions.

• $260 million on mental health and alcohol and other drug services.

• $61 million to build on previous responses to the recommendations of the Infant, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Taskforce.

• $155 million for initiatives that will continue to improve emergency access and reduce ambulance ramping.

• $39 million for Child Development Services to deliver an increase in assessment and intervention services.

• $839 million in additional infrastructure investment, incl funding for the redevelopments of Bunbury Regional Hospital, Geraldton Health Campus, and Peel Health Campus, as well as the roll-out of the Electronic Medical Record Program.

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