Find out more about the new changes at ANDhealth

Bronwyn Le Grice | Founder, CEO, Managing Director, ANDHealth

As ANDHealth has grown, since Grace joined us as first employee, Grace will be taking on the role of Chief Product Officer. This reflects the extraordinary work Grace does in designing and managing the delivery of ANDHealth’s suite of programs across the country and the critical role she plays in the senior management of the organisation.

I’m also thrilled to announce two new staff this week: Damien Millen and Max Streader. Damien joins us as Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wealth of expertise across law, investment, commercialisation and government to the team.

Damien’s most recent role was as Senior Manager, Digital and Bio Economy at the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR). Prior to joining the Victorian Government, Damien was responsible the creation of several companies in the innovation sector. Damien has considerable executive management and board level experience in the sourcing, funding and development of innovative, early stage technologies. He has effected global commercial licensing and acquisitions with international companies, R&D houses and universities.

Prior to his corporate and government roles, Damien practiced in antitrust, corporate and intellectual property law in Queensland and New South Wales in addition to serving other corporate counsel roles in Victoria.

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Damien has lived in Brisbane and Sydney and has called Melbourne home since 2003. Damien has dabbled in radio and television, and jealously guards his LP record collection of antiquity.

Damien lives in Melbourne with his wife Simone and two young children Joshua and Hannah.

Om joining ANDHealth, Damien commented, ““I’m delighted to be joining the talented and dedicated team at ANDHealth. Digital health is critical, situational – particularly given the current challenges we are facing -and global in its impact and benefits. ANDHealth’s model is compelling and has a demonstrable track record in supporting and advocating for the digital health sector.”

Max Streader is the latest to join us via our intern program. Max is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine majoring in Biotechnology at the University of Melbourne. Being passionate about the intersection of Biotechnology and finance; Max’s career aspirations align with ANDHealth’s commercialisation and strategic position as a digital health accelerator. He is very excited to join the ANDHealth Team and to gain exposure through many of our global and national programs; and through working with our Commercial Partners.

Max plans to leverage his biotechnology and finance studies to assist ANDHealth in developing the digital health industry by scaling digital health companies and connecting these innovators with investors. In his spare time, Max partakes in a range of sports teams, is an avid sailor and skier, and is testing his golf skills during Victoria’s Lockdown.

Finally, at the end of September we farewelled Iain Scott. Iain made a significant and lasting contribution to the ANDHealth team in the form of our “Sleeping Giant” report. We are grateful for his contribution during his term at ANDHealth and wish him well for the future. You can see more of Iain’s skills in his new role as Contributing Editor for The Brilliant.