20 Jul | WACHCI Expert Workshop – Building Your Go-To-Market Strategy

July 20, 2023

Date: 20 July 2023
Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm AWST
Location: G24 Harry Perkins Institute, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 6, Perth, Western Australia 6009

Note: WACHCI workshops are free to West Australian Digital and Digitally Enabled Medical Technology Companies thanks to the support of the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub, a partnership between MTPConnect, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Department of Health (WA Health) and University of Western Australia.  

The most significant bottleneck in the adoption of healthcare technology to date has been distribution. Over the last decade, generations of digital health companies have struggled to reach escape velocity—not because their products and services weren’t transformative, but because they failed to find an executable path for sustainable distribution and value capture.” – Jay Rughani and Vineeta Agarwala, Andreessen Horowitz

In this WACHCI Expert Workshop, we will step you through the key elements of an effective Go-To-Market Strategy from defining your value proposition, identifying which part of the market you create the most value, and determining who is likely to pay and how much. We will also explore which sales channels will be most effective to reach your target market.  

Key learning outcomes from this workshop include:

  • Defining and conveying your value proposition.
  • How to reach your customer.
  • Potential pathways and barriers to US & UK market entry.
  • How to get market penetration.
  • An overview of sales and distribution strategies.
  • Understanding of payment models and pricing for digital and connected health.


  • Bronwyn Le Grice, CEO, ANDHealth
  • Adam Wardell, CEO, Previsior
  • Jennifer Head, Midnight Health (UK)

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